Janne Masalin

Janne has really cool visual content, so the style of the website was kept simple as the images bring out the artist's personality.

Asiakkaan logo

Janne's work is divided into two worlds. The website is thus divided into two parts.

On the one hand, Janne is a rock star and, on the other, an artist. The rock side got a slightly darker look and the art side a lighter one.

For both of them, I made their own menus, but on the site you can across the pages freely.

For sound design projects, I created a CMS collection where it is easy for Janne to add new projects.

Janne's photos: Miikka Pirinen
Janne logo: Jussi Karjalainen

“Seppo is a good guy, knows how to communicate, reacts quickly and recognizes needs. Knows how to question and challenge. Understands aesthetics. Does more than what is necessary.”

-Janne Masalin
Musician, Sound Designer