Buyer's Guide 2024

1. Process

What are the steps of a website project?

First, we go over your company's goals and customer profile.

Then the schedule and scope of the project are determined.

Before I start, I need all the existing material you want for the new website: logos, colors, fonts, texts, images, etc. You will receive a comprehensive list of these in time so that you have time to deliver them to me well before I start.

It's ok if your company doesn't have that kind of material yet, or if your company's visual look needs some refreshing . Let's design a new and better one. I will support you with these decisions.

You can also spy on your competitors' websites and be inspired to make your new website even cooler.

A fast-paced project requires being accessible at both ends. It is good that your company defines a contact person for the project right from the beginning.

Along the way, I ask for feedback so that the design moves in a direction that pleases you.

When everything is done, I will teach you how to use your new website.

With Webflow, being the website owner is really easy. When you are logged in to Webflow Editor you can edit and add content yourself with just a few clicks.

We define goals and content
I make a draft and ask for feedback
I build the website and transfer it to you
Your new insanely cool website is published and I will guide you on how to use it
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2. Content

How do you make a credible looking website?

Impressive websites are made with impressive content.

Images and videos communicate the quality of your product or service. You don't get professional-looking websites with unprofessional content.

The same goes for texts. It is necessary to allocate time for writing them. There is an entire profession whose job it is to come up with just those three right words (Let's Get rich!) to the contact button.

You should also pay attention the texts from the point of view of search engine optimization.

I'll help you choose the best stuff from your content and discover new stuff. Let's ask the AI for an opinion!

Stovk photo services provide high-quality visual content and, if necessary, I can design a whole new look for your company with logos, colors and fonts. It can also be used in your company's ads, social media, emails, business cards, newsletters, etc.

If we are brave we can jump on the journey of artificial intelligence and see which visual worlds the adventure takes us into.

If your company is on social media like a fish in water, or your social media is just being planned, let's make a website that supports your brand there as well.

Quality content means everything
You also need to make time for texts
I will help you choose from the old and find the new
Let's take the joy out of artificial intelligence in content creation
Consider social meadia in your strategy
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3. Style

Can I get the kind of websites I want?

Websites are part of your company's brand. They have to work and look good.

You can decide the style of website. You can also not decide and trust me with the design. I know websites and you know your customers, so cooperation is a good idea here!

I always ask my client to make a list of websites they like. You can put websites of competing companies on the list, or websites that you like otherwise.

Maybe some website stuck in your mind just because it works so well. MAybe some other website had an inexplicably good mood or other quality.

A little background work will help you get an idea of the opportunities and help me get an idea of your preferences and your company's image.

If nothing comes to mind, let's google your worst competitors and figure out how we can make your new website even better.

Websites also get old. The world's coolest website in 2017 no longer looks relevant this year. It is normal to renovate sometimes.

Your website is a part of your brand
You can decide the style yourself
Let's Google your competitors
Even great websites get old
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4. SEO

How do I get visitors to my website?

Good SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is done in cooperation with search engines - not against them. You can't fool Google.

Provide quality content

The easiest way to get a good ranking in search results is to make a website that works well on all devices and has quality content. That is, a website where visitors enjoy themselves and feel that they are getting something from.

Even better if others agree and there are plenty of links leading to the website from all over the web.

You should start now. Getting to the first page in Google's search results is never certain, but what is certain is that you won't get there right away. It could take years. So don't wait any longer.

One of the reasons why this website has a Buyer's Guide is search engine optimization.

In this text, I have the opportunity to provide the visitor with valuable information about websites and at the same time use natural key words that search engines like.

If you have read this far, Google has interpreted that you found something useful here and will suggest this page to others as well. So thank you for reading. I hope I have managed to give you some useful information and something to think about.

Do the same on your company's website, for example, in the form of a blog or a guide related to your company's industry. You can also use your creativity in SEO!

What is Metatext?

In SEO, meta text refers to the blue clickable title (Meta Title/Title Tag) that appears in Google search results and a short description below it (Meta Description/Meta Description). Their purpose is to attract clicks.

This is what I mean: >example
Below is the Meta Description. It holds about 150 characters.

Metatext is metadata that is not visible on the website itself, but is added to the code of the website, for search engines.

In the same way as a photo taken with a phone, the image file contains information such as camera settings, when the picture was taken, on which device, etc. This information does not appear in the image itself, but remains with the file even when you transfer it to your computer.

Metadata also lets Google know what your website is about, because Webflow adds metatext to the code of your website for Google to see.

When the content of your website matches the search terms used by the person making the search, Google may suggest your website in the search results.

Although meta texts do not directly affect your ranking in search engines, if done well, they will direct the right visitors to your website and that is also good for search engine visibility.

You can write the metatext content yourself and often it appears on Google as such.

What is a good meta title?

A good meta title will give you a concise description of what your website is about and what you offer those who click on your link.
It uses the most important keyword that best describes the content of the website.

It describes a clear benefit for the clicker.

If you manage include your company name, then Google doesn't have to put it in by force.

It is good to write specific Metatexts for each page of your website. Or at least for the most important pages.

The meta title also appears in the browser as a tab title which is worth keeping in mind. Not many words can fit into it. Especially if you organize your life by keeping 200 different tabs in the same window.

What is a good meta description?

A good meta description will get the Googler interested. It describes the benefits of clicking. Here, too, it is worth using the most important keywords and clearly stating what is on offer.

It is good to include a call to action, such as "Try it for free!"

Keep the meta description at less than 155 characters so that Google doesn't cut it off in the middle of a sentence.

Don't promise too much, because the immediate exit of a visitor from your site will tell Google that the visitor was disappointed. Therefore, Google may not want to suggest your website to the next person using the same keywords.

It's a good idea to write your own Meta Descriptions for each page of your website. Or at least for the most important pages.

However, the most important thing is that the metatext is defined, because otherwise it looks like this: >example
Below is the Meta Description. It holds about 150 characters.

In this case, the metatext is completely undefined, and Google does not really know what the page is about. So it creates a description of the page by guessing which content is relevant. The end result gives an unprofessional feel to even a good company. No one is gonna click.

A search engine is not your enemy
Metatext tempts a person to click
Quality content makes visitors feel happy on your website
Start now
You can also use your creativity in SEO
Let's get started now!

5. Cookies

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that websites use to track the activity of their visitors.

A website can leave cookies in the browser, and therefore the device used by the visitor of the website.

If you accept cookies when you enter the site, a small file will be saved on your device.

By tracking cookies, the owner of the website knows, for example, whether the visitor has visited the website before, in which country this person is, which device is used for browsing, etc.

Clicks can also be tracked, for example by counting which site link is used the most or how often a visitor puts something in the shopping cart.

Tracking does not record specifically who visits the website, but creates a profile of an example user that can then be used to target marketing or review website content.

Are the following situations familiar?

-The website remembers your login.
-When you return to some online store, the forgotten items in your shopping cart are still waiting there.
-You see an ad on instagram for a product that you saw on a website yesterday.

This is thanks to cookies. You've been followed.

Some of the cookies are necessary for the functioning of the website and some for the aforementioned analytics and advertising.

And why is this important?

Cookie policies have been tightened according to the EU GDPR Data Protection Act and new guidelines from Traficom (Finland) in recent years.

It is no longer sufficient to inform the website about cookies and say that by continuing your visit you accept the use of cookies.

Today, visitors should have an easy opportunity to choose which cookies to allow, refuse cookies altogether and get information about which cookies can be found on the website.

This is good for the security of all of us, although it does cause a little extra work for the website builder.

The issue is worth taking seriously.

Read more from the Traficom website

Cookies track the visitor on the website
Some cookies are essential
Other cookies are used for analytics and marketing
The visitor must be aware of cookies
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