5 weeks 5 thousand

Web store

A stylish Webflow web store where you can sell anything from shoes to courses

This package is suitable for your business if...

  • You want to sell
  • Having a credible online presence is important for your business
  • You want your online store to be a tool that is 100% controlled by your business

You get from me:

  • A stylish online store that makes it easy for you to update your content yourself
  • The store can be found on Google and works on all devices
  • Support, tips and help throughout the process. I will not leave you alone with making decisions
  • An online store you can be proud of

Here's how it works:

Let's determine what your business needs
I make a draft and you get to give feedback
I build the website according to your wishes and ask for more feedback along the way
I guide you to easily update the content of the website
The website is published on your company's domain
The whole world can admire!


When I am building your website it is crucial that you are aware of what's going on.

That's why every project includes a Checklist page where you can follow the progress of the project and get ready for upcoming stages.

The Checklist page is deleted when everything is ready.

6 month check-up

Six months after publishing your website, we will check together that you've got things off to a good start.

This is of course also included in the original price.

What others are saying:


An online store where you can sell anything from shoes to courses

A stylish Webflow web store that works on all devices

Built to match your company's brand without ready-made templates

Payment methods: Stripe - Credit Card, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Paypal

Sweeter than what your competitors have

Delivery time five weeks


Max 15000 products

CMS content management system for a blog, news, testimonials etc.

Animation of texts and page elements


Language versions

Animate text and page sections

Background videos and video embeds

Site Search

Custom 404 Page

Password-protected pages

Instructions on how to use the new website and update content

6 months after publishing a check-up that everything is working well for you


Metatext Controls

OpenGraph Settings

Google Search Console crawling request and XML sitemap

Image and link optimization

Alt texts for images


Google Analytics or other visitor tracking tool of your preference

MetaPixel or other marketing tool of your preference

Cookie banner custom designed to match your brand


Embedded calendars, CRM forms, social media feeds, etc.

Webflow websites can be connected to almost anything with Zapier

Contact me if you have any questions about integrations


Fully customizable Landing page template

Customizable page template with password protection, e.g. for your customers or the press

Checklist page to monitor the project's progress and prepare for upcoming stages

When your company has a webflow website and you need a partner for development and maintenance

For long-term cooperation

For smaller tweaks

For larger extensions

Working with a Brand Designer or Marketing Team

Also for smaller companies

€5000 +VAT24%

You can get these pages (and more) for 5000€:

  • Frontpage
  • Web store
  • Product Page
  • Product Categories
  • Contact Info
  • Om oss
  • Accountability
  • Blog
  • FAQ
  • Shopping cart
  • Checkout
  • Returns
  • Deals
  • Terms of delivery
  • Ppassword
  • Početna stranica
  • Privacy
  • Registry
  • 404

Maintenance and annual costs

  • The online store is being built Webflow platform and is, upon completion, 100% your company's own.
  • The annual cost of Webflow online store is about 330€ per year => Webflow hosting Standard Ecommerce Plan

    Webflow takes a 2% slice of every purchase transaction and Stripe, which handles payment traffic, takes 1.5% + €0.25 of card payments.
  • Possible language versions cost around 9€/month per language.

    On top of that, a few dozens a year go to managing the domain the web address of your website. That too will remain 100% your company's property.
  • You don't need expensive maintenance contracts to manage updated add-ons, etc., because Webflow does not require them.
  • I will personally guide you through updating the content of your new website, after which you will no longer need me.

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